We are a Boutique Film Production Company based in Dubai with a subsidiary office in Cairo and operating throughout the middle east. We specialise in TV Commercials, high-end branded content and corporate films. As part of a long term strategy we have just produced our first full-length feature film.

How are we different?
• We admit our mistakes and we fix them. This is how we evolve and get better.
• We will propose what is best for the job not only what clients want.
• We are not magicians. We are experienced efficient producers.
• We are transparent. We will openly discuss challenges and work on solutions as a team with our clients.
• We are not cheap, we are not middle priced, we are not expensive. We propose the righteous price for the job.
• We do not take into consideration the size of the job, what matters is the job being done in the right way and under the right conditions.
• We prefer losing a job than winning it under the wrong conditions.
• We work towards long term relationship building with our clients.
• We cover up for our clients when they make mistakes.
• We do not complain when we lose a job, we send a thank you mail and wish agency and the winning production company good luck and we mean it.

• We treat our suppliers well. We provide decent work conditions and we make them work humanly hours.
• If we have to work long hours we fairly pay for it.
• We pay our freelancers on set on their last shooting day. We do not wait to get paid.
• We do not use other people’s money to grow. We work with our own money.
• We don’t take a job that is too big for us. No job is too big.
• We deliver what is promised or more, but not less.
• The most important thing to us is our reputation. We maintain it by providing the best possible quality, honesty and fairness.
• If you ask anyone (agency producer, freelancer, third party supplier, even competitor) about us you will always get the same answer, a positive one.
• We follow protocol. Our only client is the agency. Our only contact is the producer.
• We actually do all the above not just talk about it.